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For All You Need to Know About Abbotsford Real Estate

Abbotsford offers plenty of excellent shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities. Its proximity to the international boundary, Vancouver, and Mission bridge makes Abbotsford an ideal location. Abbotsford boasts a state-of-the-art hospital and cancer care center. We also have an international airport, big box stores and small boutiques.

Abbotsford is proud to be one of the fastest growing cities in Canada yet it retains its country charm. Let me be your guide to real estate in the Abbotsford, Mission, Langley and White Rock areas, including Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver.

You’ll learn first-hand about the schools, community centers, parks and neighborhoods that make Abbotsford and the surrounding area such a special place in which to live.



Absorbed in the beauty and tranquility of the countryside, it is often difficult to fathom the City ofAbbotsfordas being one of the fastest growing communities inNorth America.

Tucked perfectly between majestic mountain ranges, Abbotsford is one of the most productive agricultural areas inCanada.  Its rich combination of soil and ideal climate gives the Fraser Valley an enviable reputation for producing major commodities like dairy, poultry, vegetables and berries, swine, beef cattle, greenhouses and nurseries.  Renowned as the “Raspberry Capital of Canada”, Abbotsford is the second largest raspberry producer inNorth Americawith an estimated annual production of 34.5 million lbs., as well as being a major producer of strawberries and blueberries.

Vegetable crops in theCentralFraserValleygenerate annual farm cash receipts of $53 million, part of a total of $250 million worth of farm products, much of which originates in the Abbotsford area.

Field-grown flowers and bulbs such as daffodils, gladiolus and tulips are among some of the specialty crops in our area.

Approximately 68% of BC egg production, valued at $42 million at the farm gate, is located in theCentralFraserValleyand processed at four grading stations.

In addition, theCentralFraserValleyboasts 88% of B.C.’s turkey production, valued at $17 million at the farm gate; 30% of BC’s broiler production, valued at $43 million and 40% of BC’s broiler breeders, valued at $7 million.

The dairy industry muscles in with milk revenues of $72 million in the Abbotsford area alone, part of theFraserValley’s milk revenue of $216 million or 70% of BC’s milk revenues.

Although Abbotsford prides itself in its agricultural production, the city is rapidly diversifying its industrial sector with manufacturing, processing, transportation, construction, trades and services.  Manufacturing of feed and food products and a brick plant have been supplemented by a wide range of additional products.

Construction-support industries are on the rise due to a constant demand for more new housing.  Industry also makes its mark with an impressive number of national and international firms operating head offices out of our city.

Abbotsford boasts some of the finest recreation facilities inCanada!

The Matsqui Recreation Centre is winner of the ’93 BC Recreation & Parks Association, and the ’94 Canadian Parks/Recreation Association Facility Excellence Award.  This tropical recreation haven offers a Polynesian swimming experience in the province’s largest wave pool, thrilling water slide and a swirl pool; plus amenities like a sauna anti steam room, weight room, child-minding facility… and next door, a full-size year-round ice arena for public skating and drop-in hockey sessions.

The new state-of-the-art Abbotsford Recreation Centre is the first facility inNorth Americato house both an Olympic size ice sheet and a free form skating area dubbed the “Ice Experience.”  It’s enhanced by lush trees, mountains and clouds, a snow-making machine and a tunnel.  This facility also encompasses the McMillan Pool complete with weight room, Tarzan rope swing and swirl pool.

Our community features 9 lit ball parks/soccer fields, 41 outdoor and 4 indoor tennis courts and over 100 parks.

Private and recreational opportunities also abound through spas, fitness centres, a curling club, racquetball clubs, two l8-hole golf courses and one 9-hole course with driving range, two bowling alleys and an aerosports para-centre.  Skiing at eitherHemlockValley,GrouseMountain,SeymourorMount Bakeris just over an hour’s drive away.

Educational facilities include: 8 secondary, 35 elementary and 10 private schools, as well as the Career Technical Centre and the ever-expandingUniversityCollegeof theFraserValley.

The Abbotsford area also offers 84 churches