Bottom Line – Home Inspections Save Money

Bottom Line – Home Inspections Save Money

The reality is, many home buyers in Abbotsford and surrounding Fraser Valley communities opt out of getting a home inspection before they finalize the purchase of a new home. While I can’t necessarily say every purchase requires an inspection, here’s a few good reasons why I recommend getting a home inspected before you close your deal.

  • Know the repairs that are coming up quickly, and those that are far off in the future. Either way, you should be in the know as to what your home is going to need and currently needs. You need time to save up the money to pay for things.
  • Find out what condition the home is in and possibly how well it has been taken care of. A home inspector is trained to inspect aspects that you may know very little (or nothing) about. Some big items to check are the roof, the plumbing, the electrical and the foundation.
  • A lower purchase price! I know that sounds good, but it’s true! If your home inspection turns up problems that still don’t deter you from buying the home, you still may be able to negotiate the price of the home with this new found knowledge.
  • You don’t want to get stuck in a home with all sorts of problems that you knew nothing of when you bought it. A home inspection can keep you away from buying something you may have regretted in the future.
  • The home inspector is an uninvested second opinion. As a home buyer, you might have your eyes glazed over at the excitement of buying this new home, but the inspector is going to be able to see the nitty gritty and will inform you of what you may be missing in your excited state.
  • When the inspection is done, you get a summary report. This is something you can refer back to when negotiating, or when attempting to hire a repairman.

Be careful and do your research when you hire your home inspector. Don’t let someone else hire him or her for you. Also, you need to be able to trust them. If you don’t trust them, don’t hire them. There is more than one home inspector that serves the Abbotsford real estate market!

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