How to Speed Up the Home Buying Process

How to Speed Up the Home Buying Process

Whether you need to buy a home quickly or you just want to get things going, I don’t think anyone wants to sit around and wait for their purchase of a home to close.

The fastest way to buy a home is to already have all the money you need. If you need a loan, get that pre-approval process started before you even start looking for you new home. Be prepared to answer any questions from your mortgage broker or loan officer at any time of day. Also, be diligent about providing them with any and all the paper work they need. If you’re the one holding up the process, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself!

You may want to check your credit score yourself – if you can – to make sure it’s correct and to fix any mistakes if needed. You don’t want your credit to be the hold up. Finally, when you do begin your search for a home, know your stuff. Look around in the neighbourhoods before bothering to schedule appointments to view houses.

May as well not waste your time looking at a house you thought was beautiful on MLS, but turns out the neighbourhood is less than stellar. Have your specifications about the houses really narrowed down so you don’t waste too much time looking at houses that don’t meet your criteria.

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